Mar 13, 2010

.band shoot: pure remedy. chicago, il.

for about a year now I've been freelancing for cafe magazine here in chicago. nothing steady but i'm always happy when they call. these are from a while back for an article on some local latino rock bands. i didn't want to do the standard rock band shots and it's hard to come up with something unique when time is short. so nothing unique here. pure remedy were really nice guys & upon arrival they offered me pizza & a cup of boone's which I declined cause I had just eaten and i have bad memories of boone's. they asked me what my favorite band was & i mentioned the pixies not thinking they would have heard of them since I'm quite older than they are. much to my surprise & delight they played "where is my mind," before I left. louie ocampo is the guitar player & singer i shot in the first frame.

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